The Journeyer Launch Club

Let's Launch To Financial Freedom Together

Journeyer Launch Club

What is the Journeyer Launch Club?

A community of Journeyers (that’s you) providing the support, accountability, and tools to help each other reach our financial goals and live our best lives. 


You Deserve the life you’ve been dreaming of….

You dream of a life where you are Financially Free, but you've got absolutely no idea of where to start or perhaps you've tried reaching your goals on your own and you constantly get stuck or maybe you're just looking for some extra support and guidance...

Here’s the thing - you can just google how to create a budget or what a Roth IRA is. There are tons of free articles, podcasts, and videos online telling you how to manage your finances.

So if it’s all out there for free, why aren’t you where you want to be with your finances and life?

It’s deeper than just numbers and understanding concepts. 

The change and success you are looking for require integrated learning and a community where you feel supported and confident in being able to reach your goals.

That’s where the Journeyer Launch Club comes in... 

This space was created for you to thrive and move your finances forward. 

“To go fast, go alone, to go far, go together”

Aren’t you tired of doing it alone? Trying to figure it all out by yourself? Join the Journeyer Launch Club where we support one another on the journey to reach Financial Independence.

This is your exclusive invite. It's your chance to get in before the big launch and help build this community from the ground up.

What Journeyers are saying about my teachings and programs:

"Jamila is very knowledgeable in her field and took her time to pay each and every one within the group attention.  Jamila was patient, understanding and personable. I truly enjoyed this class and would recommend it to anyone needing assistance with their finances." - Ra Shana 

"Jamila's program helped me get my money mindset to a place where I am more confident about investing, saving and budgeting.  I'm on my way to paying off debt and becoming financially independent. Thank you for the encouragement and sharing your wealth of knowledge!" - Veronique

"Jamila is an excellent coach and teacher. She has a very clear and common-sense way of teaching the material. I was able to improve my money mindset, and better able to understand my strengths and weakness in reaching my money goals. During the course, I got better with the nuts and bolts about money. My budgeting skills vastly improved. My spouse and I are able to pay off my $20K+ credit card balance since starting the class. We are now CC debt free - for life! Additionally, we feel very confident that we will reach our saving and investing goals in the short and long term." - Lynn

"Jamila taught me how to budget, pay down debt and save for retirement. I even found time to get a side gig which helped accelerate my debt pay down. I appreciate all of the knowledge and time that Jamila shared with us in this class. The mastermind class should definitely be a curriculum in schools. It would set so many children up for success in the future." - Shanelle 

Here's what's included in the BETA launch of the Launch Club:

  •  Online Community Space to share and connect with other Journeyers just like you. This includes message boards, smaller online groups segments by special interests, and opportunities to connect offline. You will feel at home in a place "where everybody knows your name" 
  • Monthly "Launch" Parties informal virtual hangouts and Q&A’s with me - Jamila, your Chief Launch Officer. I'll chat with you, answer your questions and celebrate your wins on the journey.  I’ll also have guests from the Journey To Launch podcast for LIVE podcast after-show parties.
  • LIVE Online Classes taught by experts on; Credit, Real Estate Investing, Investing, Side Hustle, Mindset, Financial Independence, Salary Negotiation, Retire Early Strategies, Budgeting, Debt Payoff, etc.  (Can’t make the LIVE class, don’t worry, the videos will be recorded and kept in our membership vault for you to watch on your own time). 
  • The Launch Map to Financial Independence - Step by Step plan showing you the things you need to do to reach your ultimate goal of Financial Independence (coming soon) 
  • Priority registration for Journey To Launch events and courses
  • Access to The Budget Boot Camp Class - a 2-hour replay of my signature budgeting program to help you master your budget 

This is your chance to get in at this incredibly low price before the official launch!

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